Friday, November 23, 2012

The Opposite of Black Friday

Instead of taking part in the shopping madness of today, I'm going to spend it cleaning out closets...and drawers...and cabinets...and anything else that is overflowing due to neglect. This is quite the change for my shopaholic self. I can't remember the last time I didn't partake in Black Friday. Not this year though. This year I'm going to make room for the year ahead and get rid of the stuff from years past that I've been holding on to for no real reason except I am terrified I will need it as soon as I toss it out. Really though, if I haven't used it in years, I'm not going to need it.

On today's chopping block will be:
  • The Master Closet - This is the biggie. I'm going to clear out even more of my shoes than I did a few months ago. I've run out of room, so unless they're some of my absolute favorites, they're gone. Same with lots of dress clothes that do nothing but take up space and collect dust. Some will be sold, some donated, and some that have seen better days will meet Mr. Garbage Can. It will be brutal but it must be done.
  • The Master Bedroom - We have approximately 15 drawers across 2 dressers yet we still have stuff stacked on top of those dressers due to lack of space. That's ridiculous. Two people do not need that much stuff. I will clean out until there is not only room for everything that doesn't fit now, I will clean until there is spare room in those drawers. 
  • The Guest and Office Closets - This is where rarely used stuff goes to die. We really don't need all that formal wear and some of those purses haven't seen daylight in 5 years. And I swear we have 15 spare pillows for guests. I don't even know where they came from. They're all outta here!
  • The Crawl Space - First of all, this isn't a crawl space in the traditional sense. It's an area of the basement under the lower level of the house that is well lit, I can walk in, has flooring, and is conditioned. It's not a creepy, spider-infested space like you're thinking. It's kind of an out-of-sight-out-of-mind space that has accumulated too much stuff because it's so easily accessible. There are crap tons of Christmas decorations that are going on Craigslist, and even more shoes. There's also kitchenware, decor, and old furniture that will have to find new homes.
Depending on how far I get on those, the pantry is next. I guess it's both good and bad to have downsized into a smaller house. There's less to clean, but there's also less room to stash stuff.  So, to all of you shopping today, have fun with the teeming masses. I'll be having a different kind of fun that doesn't include insane bargain hunters.

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