Saturday, April 20, 2013

Failure to maintain

I sorta-kinda let this blog fade into the ether. Not intentionally, but life happened. The last several months have been quite busy preparing for Squirrel Jr. and all that entails. It's amazing how much stuff babies require and accumulate before they're even born. We haven't even begun on the nursery and I'm already overwhelmed. At least all the big stuff is accounted for, and mostly stacked in the soon-to-be nursery. I've been warned by Hubs, friends, and family, that if I keep buying stuff there won't be anything left for anyone else to buy so I've slowed down in that respect. There are a few things left on the registry, at least. :)

Following up on my last post, from all the way back in November, I did clean out the closets, and the pantry, and the crawl space, and got rid of over 80 (yes EIGHTY) pairs of shoes. But, in the process, I discovered the marvels of eBay and have started doing quite well for myself over there selling random clothing, shoes, and housewares. Because what I really needed in life was another time sink. At least this one makes me money in the process.

Hubs finally got my craft room done, though right now, it's full of the above mentioned eBay wares. I've got to figure out a way to make room for both interests so that I can work on the nursery crafts I've got going. See how it's all interconnected?

Add to all this the addition of a new puppy to our family and it makes for one exhausted mama. She's quite the little ball of energy and has selective hearing. We're hoping she matures a good bit in the next 2 months, or else we're really going to have our hands full with a wide-open puppy and a baby at the same time. What in the world were we thinking? Whew...

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